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    jBPM 4.1 HistoryDetail records not being created for task ev

    Phil Bingley Newbie

      It appears that there is a bug in the Task related history detail creation code.
      None of the events other than comments create a HistoryDetail record. That means the assignment, due date and priority changes are not logged.

      I debugged things through and am pretty sure that it is just because the objects are not being added to the persistent set (in HistoryTaskImpl) for hibernate to save.

      In the course of my travels I also notice that that particular code will only execute on a task update, so things like an assignment via the TaskService API will not create a history detail record either.

      Is anyone out there actually seeing HistoryDetail records for anything other than comments?

      If I'm on the right track here let me know and I'll raise a JIRA.