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    JBPM4 (with Spring beans) deployment into JBOSS

    Rajesh Krishnamurthy Newbie

      Had referred the JBPM UserGuide/DevGuide and write a workflow application using JBPM4 and Spring (for workflow action classes).

      This application works in a standalone manner. Now I wanted to deploy the JBPM4 workflow application into JBOSS.

      The Dev Guide had given some information about running a script to setup the standard jboss-jbpm integraion.

      But I would like to know how the various configuration files of JBPM are configured for Spring integration when deployed into JBOSS.

      Also, how the bean definitions for the jpdl application are to be configured in the deployment environment?

      If the JBPM is deployed separately into JBOSS during startup, and at runtime many other workflows can be deployed (bar files). How will the JBPM's SpringConfiguration class that is used as loading the spring beans for the action class will load them succcessfully. Are all these beans stored in the same application context?

      Kindly inform me about how to configure the files for the JBPM4 workflow (with Spring for workflow actions) deployment into JBOSS.