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    doXslTransform JBPM BPEL support

    Alejandro Raiczyk Newbie


      I'm using JBPM BPEL for the first time and when I try to use the doXslTransform function I'm getting this exception:

      14:07:45,676 ERROR [XPathExpressionEvaluator] expression evaluation failed
      org.jaxen.UnresolvableException: No Such Function {http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsbpel/2.0/process/executable}:doXslTransform
      at org.jaxen.SimpleFunctionContext.getFunction(SimpleFunctionContext.java:127)
      at org.jaxen.ContextSupport.getFunction(ContextSupport.java:242)
      at org.jaxen.Context.getFunction(Context.java:216)

      Am I doing something wrong or jbpm-bpel-1.1.1 doesn't support it?