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    TaskControllerHandler in jBPM4 ?

    Alejandro Scandroli Newbie

      Hi all

      What would be the best way to port several TaskControllerHandler(s) from jBPM3 to jBPM4 ? is there a TaskControllerHandler alternative in jBPM4?

      Is extending the Task class still an option (as shown in http://www.infoq.com/articles/jBPM-user-interaction-pattern) ?
      Although I'd prefer a "decoupled" option because I have many different (in fact 6) TaskControllerHandler implementations.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Alejandro Scandroli Newbie

          Anyone? Any tips?
          This is what I'm trying to port:

           <task-node name="task-node1">
           <task name="Evaluate" swimlane="admin">
           <controller class="com.amneris.muba.jbpm.handlers.MubaTaskController" config-type="bean">
           variable1, descripcion, HIDDEN
           <transition to="task-node2"></transition>