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    Issues About JobExecutor in Jbpm 3.3.0GA

    James Wang Newbie


      I had a few questions about job executor and jbpmcontext,

      1.Do we need to close jbpmContext every time after we used it?Like:

      public myMethod(){
       JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();

      2.In jbpm.cfg.xml,if I set jobExecutor singleton="false" ,what will happen?
      <bean name="jbpm.job.executor" class="org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecutor" singleton="true">

      3.In the jbpm source code ,there is a class DbMessageService.java,below is source code of this class,Could any one tell me why use "synchronized" here?
      public void close() {
       if ( (hasProducedJobs)
       && (jobExecutor!=null)
       ) {
       log.debug("messages were produced, job executor will be signalled");
       synchronized(jobExecutor) {