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    jBPM4 - .bar deployment to embedded jBPM

    Nils Preusker Newbie

      Hi all,

      if I'm not mistaken, there is currently no deployment mechanism for .bar files for jBPM as an embedded framework (e.g. in a Spring application). In other words, to deploy both jPDL files and task forms, every resource has to be added separately like this:


      Joram Barrez also mentions this in his blog:

      Do note that [...] you'll need to add all the forms to the deployment. We're looking into ways of simplifying this in a next release.

      I've checked the JIRA, but didn't find anything for the next two releases (4.2 and 4.3). So I'm wondering what the status of this is, maybe someone can point me to a JIRA case or a thread in the development forum that I might have missed... Cheers! Nils