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    [jBPM4] Problem retrieving activities from history

    Philip Sorst Newbie

      Hi there,

      I'm stuck with the following scenario using jBPM 4.1:

      I have a simple fork/join pattern like

      <fork name="Fork">
       <transition name="1" to="Node1"/>
       <transition name="2" to="Node2"/>
       <state name="Node1">
       <transition name="3" to="Join" />
       <state name="Node2">
       <transition name="4" to="Join" />
      <join name="Join">

      Now I'm trying to retrieve _all_ past activities from a running process instance. This is no problem using the history service as long as all child processes are still running by simply recursing into them and doing a query on each executions ID, but as soon as a child process has terminated I do see no way getting the IDs of them for building a history query on them. As far as I see the only place where the IDs are then stored in the DB is in the JBPM4_HIST_ACTINST table itsself, but before I can query it I would need exactly those IDs using another mechanism. I hope you understand my problem, to sum it up:

      How do I get the IDs of terminated child executions of a running process instance?

      Thanks for your help.