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    Re: jBPM vs Drools

    Pieter Martin Novice


      I recently discovered that drools has a rules flow engine which implements the BPMN spec.

      Does this mean jBPM and Drools are directly competing products?
      Is there some guidance from Jboss regarding when to use which product?

      Btw, I am a big jBPM fan and evangelist.


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          Sebastian Schneider Master

          Hi Pieter!

          According to this article Drools Flow is not an official JBoss product and so they would not be direct competitors:


          I personally do not see them as competing products and for me Drools is and stays mainly a business rules engine. As far as I understood the original intention for Drools Flow was to have a possibility to easily combine small rules to bigger complex ones when a kind of flow control was needed. Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't find the article anymore. :(

          I have not really used Drools but from what I have seen in presentations on Slideshare it seems a great product to me. My wish would be a joint effort of the Drools and jBPM team to bring the power of Drools to jBPM. Of course this is already possible right now (see the Camunda presentations on this on Slideshare, unfortunately for you they're all in German, I think) but I would love to see a stronger official-like integration.