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    JBPM 4 Persistent Variable

    Pawel Janusz Newbie

      I've tried to implement in my jBPM project implement process variable which will be stored in separated Table mapped by Hibernate entity. Entity works find when I'm trying to store it outside the jBPM (only by savbing it usinf Hibernate).
      When I create entity and I'm trying to set it as Variable, I got exception :(:
      org.hibernate.HibernateException: instance not of expected entity type: org.jbpm.pvm.internal.type.variable.UnpersistableVariable is not a: org.jbpm.pvm.internal.type.Variable

      Entity is mapped correctly, because I can create entity and store it in DB outside Process. Primary key of the entity id long. The only configuration I made was hibernate configuration of new entity.

      Variable is persisted as binary data when I implement Serializable interface in it, but this not match my requirements :(

      My problem is how to persist variable as separated entity (in proper mapped table).

      Thanks in advance