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    Variable extension

    eider . Newbie


      I'm developing an application using jBPM (version 4.1) that needs to persist binary variables, not only byte array value but the mime-type and the name values also.

      I've seen that JBPM uses org.jbpm.pvm.internal.lob.Lob class to persist variables of type byte array. On the other side, JBPM also uses Lob class to persist resources while deploying, but here it uses Lob's more fields like name and deployment. But then Lob class doesn't have these fields mapped.

      In short, my questions are the following ones: To persist the type of variables that my application needs (byte array, mime-type and name), should I reuse Lob table and extend Lob class to have more fields? Or perhaps, is it better to create a new table and map this to a new class to persist the types of variables I need?

      Any idea will be very welcome. Thank you very much in advance,