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    using an external scheduler to execute 'jobs'

    sdfsd sdfsd Newbie

      in the Developer Docu one can read the following sentence:

      Do note that this mechanism is pluggable, which means that in the future other destinations could be used (JMS, JCR, etc).

      what does that mean? is there a way to use an external job scheduler?

      I would like to use UC4 or Quarz as a scheduler but i found no way change the jBPM behavior whet it comes to write job in the DB. Is it possible to do something like that?

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          sdfsd sdfsd Newbie

          I found how this could work... maybe somone from jBPM can help me..

          there is an interface TimerSession whioch has a method:

          void schedule(Timer timer);

          This interface has 2 implemantations JobExecutorTimerSession and EjbTimerSession!! the problem ist that i have no Source for EjbTimerSession...

          The question is now how can i inject my own TimerSession implementation?

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            sdfsd sdfsd Newbie

            I found how it should work but it doesn't :(

            There is an xml element <timer-session/> which one can configure in jbpm.cfg.xml but unfortunately the TimerSessionBinding does not allow you to configure your own TimerSession implementation. the XML Tag has only 1 attribute 'target' which can have the value 'ejb' and than a org.jbpm.enterprise.internal.ejb.EnterpriseTimerSession will be used. in all other cases the JobExecutorTimerSession class will be used. I opened a feature request with a possible solution so that one can provide it's own implementation for quarz or some other scheduler:


            I think this is a pretty important feature because the JobExecutor thread is not reliable and not allowed in an EJB Container.

            I also found no documentation about org.jbpm.enterprise.internal.ejb.EnterpriseTimerSession.

            pls vote this feature if you are interested in using your own scheduler. Thx.