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    History of Tasks assossciated with a Specified Process Insta

    Jane Cocklin Newbie

      === Environment ==============================
      - jBPM Version : 4.1
      - Database : Oracle 10g
      - JDK : 1.6
      - Configuration : jbpm.cfg.xml only importing files from the jbpm.jar
      - Libraries : exact versions of the libs from inside the jbpm distribution

      I would like to query the persisted data to obtain a history/audit of a process instance, e.g. I would like to be able to query the exact path taken by the process instance, and obtain task details for each task along the way.

      I only have access to the process instance id, and would like to be able to use this to obtain the full list.

      In the database this is stored in the JBPM4_HIST_TASK table.