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    Configure another scripting language

    Jonas Hauenstein Newbie


      I would like to configure another scripting language the JUEL for JBPM 4.1.

      In the Userguide, you can read:

      To configure other scripting languages then jUEL, please refer to the developer's guide (non supported).

      But in the dev-guide, I can not find any information of how to do it.

      Nevertheless, I did some "research" inside the JBPM jar(s) and found in the default config file (jbpm.default.cfg.xml) the following lines:
      <script-manager default-expression-language="juel"
      <script-language name="juel" factory="org.jbpm.pvm.internal.script.JuelScriptEngineFactory" />

      What would be the process to add another JSR-223 compliant scripting engine to JBPM 4.1?

      Thanks in adv. for your help