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    Process Invoking Another Process

    Dhanush Gopinath Newbie


      I am using jbpm bpel 1.1.1. GA

      I want to invoke a process P2 from another process P1. For this I am using asynchronous invoke on P1 and then immediately puts a receive to get back the call back from process P2 once it is finished. The process P2 sends the call back by using an asynchronous invoke activity at the end.

      My problem is that when P1 tries to invoke the process P2, it gives a "no port implemented" exception. Is it necessary to give the complete URL of Process P2 in the P1's partner link information?

      In that case when P1 calls back P2's receive activity shouldn't I put the complete URL of P1 in P2's partner link.

      How will we know the URL's before deployment?

      Please let me know if any of you faced this issue before.
      Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards