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    Web application (Seam) powered by jBPM 4

    Juan Ignacio Sánchez Lara Apprentice

      I want to make a web application which relies heavily on workflows. What should I do?
      a) Deploying jBPM console and interacting with it through JNDI
      b) Embedding jBPM in my webapp?
      c) Other?

      I'd like to be able to administer processes with the console. Is it viable with b)?

      I'd like to use custom entities as process variables. If I choose b), data will be replicated in both databases?

      I'd like to be able to generate user forms dinamically depending on process variables. What's the best way to do it? Right now I'm thinking on querying variable names and defining somewhere else (XML?, database?) some visibility and editability criteria ("nobody can edit x at task 3, at task 4 x is mandatory..."). With this infraestructure and some conventions I think I will be able to generate dinamic forms with little effort. Is there any work in progress on this?