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      I had to update jbpm.wire.bindings.xml to customize Task Activity and had it in my src/main/resources folder under a module. When i try to deploy it as ear file on jboss, it takes the jbpm.wire.bindings.xml present in jbpm-pvm jar and not the one i have it in my local. I tried putting it in various folders but ain't any luck so far.

      I notice WireParser having references to two xml files but it seems to be picking up from inside of it's own jar rather than on the classpath

      Any workarounds? It's been long time since i had classpath issues :)

       public static final String[] DEFAULT_WIRE_BINDING_RESOURCES = new String[]{
      My Env:
      Jbpm 4.0
      JBoss 5.1.0.GA