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    Script Evaluation failed

    Pradeep Gulla Newbie

      When I'm trying to evaluate expression on condition Node I'm getting

      org.jbpm.api.JbpmException: script evaluation error: Cannot find property content.

      Though this error is self explanatory, I didn't understand is why there is such restriction on script evaluation even for NULL validation of this property??

      <condition expr="#{content == null}" />

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          Santanu Saraswati Novice

          Isn't it like using a variable without declaring that is what you are expecting? And why null checks should be treated specially? From the perspective of script validation, I think what is happening is logical.

          I can imagine scenarios where the current behaviour can create problem. When the variables are passed from some other class, it will not send a property which that class does not have. In such a case the default value of the variable should be considered.

          I would wish to have a feature to declare variables at the process definition scope and assign some default value to it. So if we do not have the variable at the runtime, the execution can move on with the declared default value.