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    Process design and execution without using jbpm-console ( jb

    Makarand Kulkarni Newbie

      Hi All,

      I would like to run the simple process without using jbpm console using jBPM APIs and jsf/jsp forms
      Start - task1 (without form) - task2 (with form) - subprocess - java - end

      Need your advice/help on this

      Here starting the process, moving from one task to another can be done using jBPM APIs.
      But once process reaches at task2 with form, I would like to show the form and once user interaction/inputs are given, it should proceed further.
      Till that time , it should wait as it happens automatically in jbpm console.

      Basically if there is no user interaction through form, process flow can be controlled using jBPM APIs.

      a. How should we achieve this if we dont use console.
      b. Can anybody send me link of any such sample demo or application developed running without using console ?
      c. Also user should login to his id and take appropriate action on the tasks without clicking on lot of buttons/links.
      How to achieve the same ?

      Basically in jbpm console, I dont need to worry much about such things as jbpm console takes care of these things.
      But due to limitation of FTL templates, I am thinking of not using jbpm console.