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    Issue with jbpm 4.2 -> designer plugin in eclipse

    Markus Buchner Newbie


      I set up a project in eclipse and created a new diagram
      but when I add e.g. a start point and then a task ->
      I cannot see actions/swimmlanes/events tab in properties window

      How can i define this stuff in 4.2? Is the desiner in 4.2 package final (supports all functions?)

      Do I miss additional packages?

      Hope somebody can help - as you can see I am quite new to jbpm :-)

      Some more questions:

      * Is it recomended to use 4.2? Because I find more stuff about 3.x version
      * Does somebody know a good tutorial/example/"first project how to" for 4.2 (eventualy also for tomcat/oracle)