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    Process is not restored after restart?

    Anton Smirnov Newbie

      The problem is that the process in wait state ("state" element) can not be found after application server restart, where application with jbpm is deployed:

      Searching of process looks like this:

      String processInstanceRefId = getProcessInstanceRefId(context, messageKind); // (GUID)
      String executionId = MessageFormat.format("{0}.{1}", messageKind.getProcessDefinitionKey(), processInstanceRefId);

      log.debug(MessageFormat.format("Searching processInstance with executionId={0} in {1} state",
      executionId, messageKind.getState()));
      ProcessInstance processInstance = processEngine.getExecutionService().findProcessInstanceById(executionId);

      if (processInstance == null) {
      log.error(MessageFormat.format("processInstance with executionId={0} in {1} not found",
      executionId, messageKind.getState()));


      Are process instances waiting in "state" restored after application server restart?

      jbpm db data is stored in hsqldb file (not in memory):