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    [jBPM 4.2]

    Javier Alperte Newbie

      I'm trying to locate a ProcessInstance inside a List container using the "contains" method but the instance is not found.

      Looking in the equals method of the ExecutionImpl I saw that the EqualsUtils.equals static method is used for that purpose and it's using the object pointer instead the object hibernate key to compare objects.

      I think the implementation of the EqualsUtils.equals method should compare objects using its hibernate key, doesn't it?


      ClassMetadata entity1Metadata = sessionFactory.getClassMetadata(entity1.getClass());
      Object entity1Key = entity1Metadata.getIdentifier(entity1, EntityMode.POJO);
      ClassMetadata entity2Metadata = sessionFactory.getClassMetadata(entity2.getClass());
      Object entity2Key = entity2Metadata.getIdentifier(entity2, EntityMode.POJO);
      return entity1Key.equals(entity2Key)