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    jBPM 4.X: task-local variables

    Torsten R Newbie


      we were trying to work with task-local variables but recognised that this is not yet implemented ;-) (see userguide section So we have a few questions around this topic. We are using jBPM 4.2.

      - As we could not find this in Jira either, is there a plan when this will be implemented?

      - Is there a workaround available? How do you deal with concurrent tasks accessing variables?

      Example: We have a fork that will create 5 tasks (all of the same type but assigned to different user and some other smaller differences).

      As each tasks is of the same type they all use a variable having the same key. Task 1 should not be able to manipulate this variable of task 3 but only "its own". Right now all variables are stored in the parent execution so we actually have only a single variable instead of 5.

      Do you have ideas how we could implement this?

      Any help appreciated!


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          1: Don't think so, but maybe it lives in someones mind.
          2: No simple workaround afaik. But even with task local variables you have the concurrent access problem only on a different level. Once they finished, the LAST to finish wins which might not always be what you want. The only real advantage (imo) was that you could temporarily save a task while working on it and continue later with the same values. The concurrency problem described above remains.