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      I need to implement a process that has an automatic activity (java), to be repeated whenever a condition is not met. I have read on timer and on-event, but do not know if this applies to a task java. I also appreciate any guidance on what I need

      <process name="PruebaTimer" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.2/jpdl">
       <start g="19,50,48,48">
       <transition to="wait" />
       <state name="espera" g="98,46,127,52">
       <on event="timeout">
       <timer duedate="20 minutes" repeat="10 seconds" />
       <event-listener class="com.prueba" method="notify" />
       <transition to="fin" g="-16,-17"/>
       <end name="fin" g="283,46,83,53"/>