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    How signal as a state to a task?

    carlos mauricio jaramillo henao Newbie


      I have a state that has an event that is consumed until the flag reaches a certain value. When you reach this value need to turn to another task. As I do this, some examples in java

      <state g="438,14,92,52" name="verificar repo">
       <on event="start">
       <timer duedate="1 minutes" repeat="10 seconds"/>
       <event-listener class="com.configuracion.eventos.VerificarReposicion">
       <field name="documento"><object expr="#{resReposicion}"/></field>
       <field name="caf"><object expr="#{txtCaf}"/></field>
       <transition to="enviar email"/>
       <mail g="562,14,107,54" name="enviar email">
       <to addresses="carlosj@audifarma.com.co"/>
       <transition to="fin_1"/>

      As would be the method "notify" in class "com.configuracion.eventos.VerificarReposicion" to pass the signal....