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    Migrating from 3.2.6 to 4.X?

    Tamas Kohalmi Newbie


      We are using JBPM 3.2.6.SP1 in production. I have read here that process definitions are about 80% convertible going to JBPM 4. However, I have not found any information on migrating the underlying database.
      Loosing all existing process data is not really a good incentive to convince our users to allow me to upgrade to 4.X.

      It would be really nice to get the new EJB command interface which is far more functional than the 3.X branch has. I have wrappers around all calls to JBPM so that aspect of the upgrade may be the easiest. Reworking process definitions seems straight forward and we have only four distinct processes currently.

      The greatest dilemma at this point is pending processes in the system.
      Any ideas how the upgrade could be made without loosing all existing data?

      Thank You,