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    Samples for calling BPEL process from Java

    Dire Straits Newbie

      I'm looking for samples/examples for how to call BPEL process from Java. I want to have a webpage in JSP and exchange messages with a BPEL process. I've looked all over the documentation available on this site, and also elsewhere; but, couldn't find anything useful. I must have missed something. Please help.

      In case it helps, I'm using: JBossAS 4.2.3GA, JBPM-BPEL1.1.1, JDK 1.5, JWSDP2.0, MySQL5.1, Ant1.7.1.
      I'm new to this technology, and so far, I've been in successful in configuring MySQL to work with JBoss (very good documentation available here). I've been successful in creating some of my own processes (beginner level) and successfully deploy and test run them. Now, I've this scenario of calling a BPEL process from webpage.

      Thanks in advance.