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    Docs recommend ProcessEngine in JNDI But fails with ThreadLo

    M Porter Newbie


      I am attempting to deploy a JBPM Application on Weblogic 10.3. Thus far this is working however we have a requirement to use MDB to interact with JBPM. Obviously we need the JBPM initialized from the web application and this is working. However after reading the JBPM docs we decided to create a facade for JBPM which stores the ProcessEngine in JNDI (as recomended by the user guide). However its not possible to do this as the ProcessEngine is not serializable due to its use of internal ThreadLocal array.

      The docs here are misleading. Would be grateful for any advice on how to enable the EJB components to access the Web components without any classloader modifications etc as we have very strict requirements on deployment such as 99.9% availabiity and hot deploy.