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    Process Definition gets deleted while starting new process i

    yukon Newbie

      Hello Everybody,
      I am facing a problem with creating instance of a process. I have two applications pointing to same JBPM schema. One project deploys my JBPM processes which I can also see through my JBPM console, that works. Other project creates multiple instances of the deployed process definition.

      Now, in other project when I try to start process instance my process definition gets deleted while processing below statement
      processInstance = executionService.startProcessInstanceByKey("myjbpm",variables);

      and get the following exception -
      org.jbpm.api.JbpmException: no process definition with key myjbpm

      I do see my deployed process getting deleted during the processing of

      processInstance = executionService.startProcessInstanceByKey("myjbpm",variables);

      I deploy my process using following code which is successful.

      Configuration configuration = new Configuration();
      processEngine = configuration.buildProcessEngine();
      repositoryService = processEngine.get(RepositoryService.class);
      String deploymentId = repositoryService.createDeployment().addResourceFromClasspath("com/myjbpm.jpdl.xml").deploy();

      Thanks in advance for your help!