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    Is new jBPM book related to upcoming jBPM 4.3?

    Alexey Kakunin Newbie

      Just received advertisement from Packt about "jBPM Developer Guide" should be published in December....

      It is really nice to see book about jBPM - but question is - as far as I see - on Jan 1st planned jBPM 4.3 release - and big change there is using BPMN2.

      Does anybody know - what version is covered in this book? If current or less - Is it make sense to buy book covered versino, will be outdated at the time of publishing?

      Or jBPM 4.3 will be changed from jBPM 4.2 only by difference in Designer - not in core API itself?

      Does anybody has any more info about this book?