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    jpdl-3.0.xsd or JbpmXmlReader possible feature missing or er

    jjmargon Newbie

      Hi, all.
      I have an application that uses jbpm 3.0 and now, I'm trying to load some processdefinition.xml bad written to check how the JbpmXmlReader works in that way.
      In my application some body can load process definitions (par files with a process definition xml file inside).
      The first test I've proven is the next.

      <process-definition named="Prueba Condicional">.........

      As you can see, I've changed the attribute "name" of the process-definition element to "named" (what, is obviously wrong), but the JbpmXmlReader works with this change.
      The next code is part of the JbpmXmlReader class:
      // read the process name

      and with the processdefinition showed earlier, with this code, the name of the processDefinition is set to null.

      On the other hand, in the jpdl-3.0.xsd there's no reference to the "name" attribute in the "process-definition" element.

      What do you think about all of this?