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    Ronald Hatcher Newbie


      We are currently building an ejb3/jbpm application and require identity crud screens as mentioned in Jira issue JBPM-258. The questions I have are ...

      Is anyone working on this?

      Is a faces implementation required?

      Is the current development done in the HEAD revision?

      Rather than using JSF, we use a front controller/dispatcher mechanism for servlets, which fits nicely into our environment, but I would like to contribute this into the project (if it isn't already under way) when finished, so would do the JSF if that is definately a requirement.


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          There is noone working on the crud for identities afaik. We are thinking of integrating this with the crud in the portal. Many users already have an I&AM system in place, so we won't be developing a completely new one. A simple crud (with the emphasis on simple) is however welcome.