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    PriorityHandler idea

    brittm Novice

      I'd like to see the ability to use a custom class associated with a Task in the process definition to calculate a real time priority number for a taskInstance (like for use in a user's task list.) (I know the priority= attribute is up for fixing :) Maybe this would be the same "priority" or maybe a different property. Perhaps the calculation would only be made when the developer calls a taskInstance.getCalculatedPriority() method.

      The use of a custom class on the TaskInstance to calculate the priority value would allow tasks in a queue to be prioritized according to dynamic business factors (ie. age of the process, not just age of the task; number of trouble tickets currently open against a customer; VIP status; etc.)

      This type of prioritized view is important for queue and task driven environments where users do all their work off of their queues.

      What do you all think?