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    Erronous comment in the hibernate.cfg.xml

    Olivier Kloss Newbie

      Another quick note. The hibernate.cfg.xml file says:

      <!-- uncomment if you don't want to use the default jBPM identity mgmgt component -->

      for the identity mapping files section, while the documentation says the complete opposite. The documentation is always right, of course ; ).
      Btw, if you need someone to do those quick fixes here and there, I'd be happy to contribute.

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          thanks. can you file a jira issue ?

          for such problems that can be fixed really easily, we prefer you to contribute via jira and we do the updates ourselves. if there is bigger contributions (like e.g. expanding the docs on logging-customizations) then you have to sign the jboss contributors agreement and then you get cvs write access. after that, you have to communicate and discuss every change that you make on the dev forums *before* you make it.

          send me an email if you want to go for it. tom dot baeyens at jboss dot com

          regards, tom.

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            Olivier Kloss Newbie

            My apologies for taking so long to reply.
            Yes, I'll file a JIRA for the comment.
            As for contributing to the doc, I've thought about it and I think I should post in the wiki first. I don't think I hold a great command enough of JBPM to write any official doc.
            The wiki however, alows me to contribute what I've found and lets anyone correct me where I'm wrong. Once the page is generally accepted, then it can be added to the doc. I find this a good process.
            The wiki needs more contributions as well. Not enough good solutions that appear in the forum find their way to the wiki. Problems with Oracle for one ; ) but also how to properly end a process and other usefull things.
            (btw, adding a few sticky's in the forums would be a good idea as well: how to use code the tags, link to posting etiquette, etc.)