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    How to Integrate Struts, Hibernate with jBPM on Tomcat Serve

    Vishwanath Gorthi Newbie

      Hi to All,

      Still i am confusion.... i am not able to get the exact flow, how should i follow. I need to use as i mentioned previously -- Struts, Hibernate jBPM for WorkFlow and the server is Tomcat Server.

      We use Struts at business layer and navigation is managed by
      Struts-Config.xml file where we mention to which screen it should go according to the input and output. And Hibernate we use as Persistance Layer. But i am not able to decide how should i interact with jBPM for the change in the flow. I mean if there is a sequence like 1 after 2 after 3, this is normal flow, if i need to change the flow like from 1 to 3 and then to 2 at runtime of application. How do i manage the things using jBPM.

      Please let me know clearly. I think i am clear on what i am saying, if not please tell me. Thanks in Advance.