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    trying RUNA

    Martin Gaido Newbie

      Hi people,

      I've downloaded the binary version of RUNA in order to evaluate it, and I'd want to know how I can configure it so that it persists on a MSSQL DB rather than the default hypersonic.

      In jbpm I do it within the hibernate.cfg.xml, but I can't find it in my installed version of RUNA.

      Someone can tell me how to performe it?

      Thanks a lot in advanced.


      PS: is RUNA a sub-project from Jboss-Jbpm, or an independent one??. Please, explain me the differences.

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          runa is an independent project from jbpm. they are doing similar things as we are doing. i don't know why they want to go their own way instead of collaborating with us on the same codebase....

          regards, tom.

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            Martin Gaido Newbie

            Clear now,

            It's a pity, really, because both projects seem to be serious. I liked the web interface of runa because you can manage tasks, process definitions and configurations in a unique and friendly environment. I hope both efforts could merge someday so that we all can take benefits from both solutions.