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    organization of the docs

    Tom Baeyens Master


      "koen" wrote:
      The project with the (completely outdated) GPD docs is
      'jbpm.ide.docs'. Feel free to revise and rework it. But IMO,
      it maybe better to integrate this in an overall 'Getting
      Started' guide that describes how to start with the jBPM
      Starter's Kit.

      the longer i think about it, the more i'm inclined to centralize all jbpm docs into the user guide. the user guide should serve as a reference manual that is easily readable by our users.

      apart from the users guide, we only should have tutorials and articles that highlight parts of jbpm or work out perticular use cases.

      regards, tom.

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          Daniel Brum Novice

          I agree Tom, add it to the list of items for Hannover ;-)

          See you then.

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            Koen Aers Master

            I also think we should centralize all information in one 'reference guide' that possibly becomes 'the practical jbpm book' later in the process. In any case, if we want to do this, we should review the docs completely and come up with a good table of contents first. I have made up a list of topics/chapters/parts that can serve as the basis of this toc.

            Getting Started
            - The Starter's Kit :
            * download and unpack it,
            * describe the contents
            - jBPM Server and the webapp :
            * fire it up,
            * describe the websale example
            - Graphical Process Designer :
            * describe the installation process,
            * create a new process project,
            * deploy the simple process,
            * import the core jBPM project and amend the websale process
            jBPM User's Guide
            <all current chapters in the user's guide here>
            - Running jBPM on Tomcat
            - Description of all deployment options
            - Writing a webapp using jBPM
            - Using another Identity provider (LDAP)
            GPD User's Guide
            - Installation process (all different possibilities)
            - The create project and create process wizards
            - Description of the palette
            - Description of the swimlane tab
            - Test Driven Process Design
            - The deployment wizard
            - The preferences page
            - Online help

            At the moment I am working on the deployment stuff and the simple webapp thing. Any ideas about the new structure of the documentation are welcome.