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    Exception handling in jbpm3.0

    Kunal Thadani Newbie


      I have a scenario wherein if things go smoothly in the CreateReceiptHandler but an exception occurs in the second handler in that same node,i.e., AddLineHandler i want the transaction to rollback for the entire node including any inserts that took place in the first handler.

      Please let me know how to do it. Thanks.

      This is a part of my process definition:
      <process-definition name="Testing">
      <state name="CreateNew">
       <event type="node-enter">
      <action class="com.deposco.process.action.receive.CreateReceiptHandler" ></action><action class="com.deposco.process.action.receive.AddLineHandler" />
      <transition name="closeReceiver" to="end-receive">
      Both the handlers in the process definition call a different business method.