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    documentation request

    Tom Baeyens Master

      who's in for writing a bit of simple documentation. i came across this jackrabbit documentation : http://jackrabbit.apache.org/doc/deploy.html

      we need exactly similar pictures in our own deployment docs.

      who can make those and put them in the user guide somewhere ?

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          Jim Rigsbee Newbie

          Let me make sure I understand your need: you want similar pictures and prose that discuss the deployment of jBPM as a WAR?

          If so, I'll be happy to do so as I document the EAR deployment and JMS aspects.

          Deadline when you need this?

          Regards, Jim

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            Administrator Administrator Novice

            yes. i want similar pictures and prose that shows how jBPM can be used inside your .war (every .war with it's own jBPM in-process instance), as a service archive so that all webapplications can make use of the same JbpmConfiguration and as a separate server (this will have to be worked out with the command pattern and an ejb session facade)

            i just found the pictures very clear and i think our docs would benefit much from such docs.

            no deadline.