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    Accessing delegation fields

    idris yuce Newbie

      i think we should be allowed to access delegation fields of nodes, which has delegation field, ( eg configuration of Decisionhandler delegation in a Decision node) in order to access xml configuration of delegation clasess.
      in my pd.xml i dont want people to see code like element-type="org.dom4j.Element" in configurations used for delegations.
      i can get the xml configuration of Assignmenthandlers by
      String xmlConfig = ((TaskInstance)taskInstance).getTask().getAssignmentDelegation().getConfiguration();
      but for Decisionhandlers i couldnt get Delegation, because it declared default and there is no any getter method for it in Decision.java class.
      Do you think what i want or suggest is useful or not?


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          Administrator Administrator Novice

          i don't think it is a good idea to open up that in the public api just yet.

          now in jBPM there are a few different places where injection is done in different ways. jBPM 4 will be harmonizing those. if we open up these apis now, we will have a bigger backwards compatibility problem then.

          so you will have to go for a small customization as a work around in the meantime.