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    GPD Compile

    Koen Aers Master


      "Matt" wrote:
      Hi Koen,

      Well I got my property page for the decision node working. Just working out some kinks. As well as some other goodies, but as you know I have been having some issues with the "Browse..." button. I think it is to do with the way I have my workspace setup in eclipse so that when I compiler and export the feature it is not including the core jbpm. I think it is this because when i load up eclipse with my compild gpd in it, under window->prefs->JBoss jBPM it says it is invalid. This I think it causing the broswe button issue as it cannot find the type: "org.jbpm.graph.def.ActionHandler" as specified in ActionHandlerPropertyPage.java which is the type passed into the ChooseHandlerClassDialog.java. This is my theory anyways....

      I was hoping that you could maybe send me some screenshots of what you workspace looks like and how to export the feature into a new eclipse instance for running. I want to make sure that we are doing things correctly.

      On another note, I am waiting to hear from my superiours as to if/when these changes can be passed back to you guys.

      Thank you very much,
      Matt Jackson


      There is another thing you have to do for all this to work properly and I probably forgot to mention this. You have to download (or checkout) a recent version of the jbpm.3 project most preferably in your workspace adjust the properties in the org.jbpm.core project and issue a build on this last project. This will install the jbpm binaries and sources in the 'core' plugin. Otherwise you can simply redirect the core jbpm installation in the preferences page to be a valid jbpm installation.