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    CVS repository structure

    Vladyslav Kosulin Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am new to jBPM internals, and am interested in watching the project development for some time before deciding on the level of commitment to it, but I am confused with the project structure, and with CVS repository in particular, and would really appreciate some light brought on this.
      What is the purpose of jbpm.3.newstructure?
      How do you distinquish jBPM 3.1.* and 3.2.* builds in CVS?
      Also, difference between development and feature lists for future 3.1.* and 3.2.* releases is a deep dark area for me. How do you decide what's going to be included to 3.1.1 builds, and what - to 3.2?
      I'd really appreciate any comments you are willing to provide.