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    IdentitySession getUsers()

    David Hosier Novice

      I was wondering if there was some reason why there is no getUsers() method in IdentitySession. I wrote my own method for it, so here it is if you guys want to add it to the codebase (not that it was difficult or time-consuming to write). Or you can tell me to get lost and explain why it is stupid to have that method. Thanks.

       * Returns a List of all Groups from the Identity module.
       * @return a List of all Groups from the Identity module
       public List getGroups() {
       Query query = session.createQuery(
       "select g " +
       "from org.jbpm.identity.Group as g"
       return query.list();

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          the identity component is not yet designed to be a a full featured component. it just went through the first iteration and only has the basic features necessary for jbpm's tasks management.

          on the roadmap are integrating (merging?) jbpm's identity component with the JBoss Portal identity component.

          also web console pages should be added for basic CRUD operations on the identity objects.

          so adding methods where you need them is ok.