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    refactorings in gpd

    Tom Baeyens Master

      if you have an idea if the eclipse java refactorings could be coupled to our jPDL process files, SPEAK UP !

      Obvious are the java class renamings. Less obvious examples could be the update of expressions when a property or getter method is renamed.

      Maybe we should also think in the other way round. Define our own process refactorings. First obvious is node renaming. A node name update could lead to update all the transition's to attribute that refer to that node.

      other ideas ?

      Currently there is a generally accepted myth that developing processes graphical will make your IT department (and the whole company) more agile. I don't buy that. A process is not a standalone piece of software. IMHO, the only realistic approach to making (or keeping?) the IT department agile in the presence of workflow and BPM is great refactoring capabilities. I think this will be THE crucial factor for process IDE integration in the long run.

      thoughts ?