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    webservices and jbpm

    Tom Baeyens Master

      here's how our current approach is to binding jbpm to webservices:

      1) exposing the jbpm API's as a webservice. This would be done by exposing the jbpm command service as a web service. i don't know if that is possible. especially since the parameter of the execute(Command c) takes a command (interface) and we don't know yet all the implementations. So we don't know how the xml will look like for the different commands.

      the first place to start looking would be to make an ejb out of the command execution service and then try to expose it as a webservice.

      otherwise, we would have to create a custom stateless session bean that we have to expose as a web service.

      2) from jbpm to web service. this would be a configurable action implementation that does a web service invocation. configurations would be a url, method, parameters? and other info necessary to invoke a web service.

      just my initial thoughts