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    inplaceSelect Label/Value Modification



      I'm trying to create non-standard select behavior. Usually a SelectItem has a value and label; the label getting displayed. Simple enough.

      I'm trying to have the pop-up select show the labels, like usual, but when the user selects something I want the data field to show the value, not the label.

      For example let's say I have a list of sites and each site has inventory.
      When the user clicks on the widget and gets the selection pop-up I want them to see labels:

      Dallas (DFW) - 100
      Raleigh (RTP) - 7
      Atlanta (ATL) - 0

      But when they select I just want the field to show the value, eg. RTP
      This way I can have very descriptive selection text but still maintain a small size field on the screen.

      Thanks for any ideas,