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    Started: jBPM WS frontend

    Ronald van Kuijk Master

      The past weekend (it is monday now, although only an hour) I
      - Thought myself some jbossws things (Meaning it will ONLY be compatible with jboss 4.0.4-GA with jbossws-1.0.2.GA)
      - Created a ws folder in jBPM cvs-head (only locally now)
      - Set it up accoring to other jbpm folders.
      - Learned (more then I ever want(ed) to know) about the jbpm build scripts (needs some tuning!!!!! including the eclipse .project file)
      - added some libs to the paths
      - Made some big mistakes (Why isn't it possible to instantiate this class... hmmmm.... after 3 hours I found out it was an interface :-( )

      So now I have a clean environment to start implementing a ws frontend to jBPM in the following order:
      1: startProcess(name) and startProcess(name,version)
      2: signalToken(pid, transitionName)
      3: endTask(pid, varHashMap) and endTask(pid, varHashMap, transitionName)
      4: getTaskList(actorId)
      - .....(suggestions)

      1 and 2 will be finished this week, 3 and 4 a week later, but... since it is such a learning curve, it lacks testcases and will untill two weeks after I return from holiday (the first two weeks of september in Brazil)

      Major questions:
      - document/rpc type?
      - JSR109 compliant?
      - Other stacks?? (two on a system does not work and AXIS has more installed base on other appservers) JBossWS needs promotion...