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    Toolbar not rendering after navigation

    Gux Newbie

      Hello Richfaces team.

      I'm running into a problem with a toolbar and i need help.
      Here's the situation:
      Using Facelets, JSF 1.2, Richfaces 3.2.1

      Rendering single menu in all pages using Facelets templates:

       <ui:include src="/pages/MainMenu.xhtml" />
       <ui:insert name="content"/>

      The menu itself is rendered using binding:
       <rich:toolBar binding="#{menuManager.mainMenu}" />
       <rich:spacer width="100%" height="5px"/>

      If i select one menuItem from the menu, it navigates correctly to the configurated page (in faces-config.xml).

      The problem presents when i invoke a navigation using an action tag (a4j:commandButton, rich:menuItem), It navigates to the correct configured page, but it renders a blank page unless the navigation rule has redirect configured on it.

      I have isolated the problem by removing the menu from the template, and the navigation executes correctly only when removed. Since it's the application Main Menu, i can't remove it completly.

      Any ideas why is this behavior happening?