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    default generated forms

    Tom Baeyens Master

      previously, a form could be generated from a task based on the default task controller. originally, all process variables were not visible from task instances. so if variables were needed in a form, it was mandatory that they were copied from the process variables and stored as separate task instance local variables.

      with that background, at the time, we could generate a default form based on the configuration of the default task controller.

      but now things have changed. task instances now CAN see process variables. so a task controller only becomes necessary if you want to create task local copies of the process variables. so in general, i think that the task controllers will be less used. and hence they can't be used as the source information to generate default task forms.

      afaik, a forms.xml was always necessary, no ?

      so the idea we have now is that the graphical process designer will have to be used to generate forms. the graphical process designer will still be able to generate the default form based on a few process variables as input. but now, a facelets .xhtml form will be generated that could potentially have the same layout as before.

      variable declarations in the process definition would help a lot, i think.

      but overall, do you think that we could provide a simpler way to distill the task forms ?