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    Commandline interface.

    Ronald van Kuijk Master

      Wendo posted the following statements in another topic. I'd like to move it to a separate thread:

      BTW, commond-line interface is important to support large-scale deployment (for certain industries), as well as upper-layer apps that are used independently to produce "commands" . The actual data could be in XML or script text, either standalone or through hosting script like Jython, Javascript ....

      Sorry, maybe I miss something, but why is a commandline interface needed for large scale deployment? I interpreted your second statement that you want to use a command-line interface to do EAI correct? What is the actual data then? and why scripts? Again, sorry, but I do not grasp your intentions

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          Wenbo Zhu Newbie


          When web/gui interface eases mgt and access to the app functions, IMO, the support of a certain type of command line interface completes a "product" (as server app). By large-scale deployment, I am implying that it's impossible to manually drive the apps. when there're many instances of same deployment ..

          You're rigth about the EAI concern .. and a file based app-app interface is very useful, in addition to RMI/SOAP i/f. - and that's what I call "scripts" - e.g. for upgrading 100s mySQL databases.

          - Wenbo

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master


            I totally miss your point (could be me) but 'many instances of the same deployment' is no problem with jBPM since it is deployed to a DB. I aslo do not see what you mean by 'upgrading 100s mySQL db' for which you think you need a file basaed app-app interface (what is that?)

            Besides that, I disagree that a command line interface completes a product. IMO it is 'old-school', but that is mu opinion and not necessarily that of jBPM

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              Tom Baeyens Master

              i am also not yet convinced of the need for a command line interface to jbpm.