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    build and deploy

    pat worth Newbie

      i am sorry for the newb taste of this post.

      i have downloaded CVS head and successfully built all projects. i am interested in the task specific form functionality that you are working on. i have read all the docs that i could find trying to find steps to deploy designer and jBPM (core and webapp) to jboss. i started the starter kit and went thru the tutorials and docs. i want to be able to build and deploy both designer and jBPM to my eclipse instance and the jboss starter kit instance. i've spent some time going thru the build scripts and there is a lot in them to try to get the 'simple facts'. i'd rather not completely break

      is there a step by step process (either a target(s) in the build scripts or some doc in the source tree that will point me at build/deploy designer and webapp as well as anything that i need to do to sync the DB with the latest build?

      any help would be appreciated.


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          Tom Baeyens Master

          i'm still in the process of compiling all sub projects into the suite (that would be the replacement of the starters kit).

          i believe that is what you're looking for.

          i don't know that status of form support in the designer. maybe koen can comment on that.

          to look at the new forms mechanism you can look at the jpdl/examples/websale. that includes a process with forms as they will be generated by the designer later on.

          let me know if that helps